Full Development Transparency

Software development can be messy, opaque, and riddled with hundreds of emails and phone calls. Our Quartz platform allows you to stay on top of your development project in real time.

Free Project Specification.

Sign up and submit your project idea and work with our staff business analysts and designers free of charge to design a specification outline for your project.

Online Quote Acceptance.

We will provide a fixed-price quote including the full specification that you can choose to accept or deny online with no need for piles of paperwork.

Project Tracking.

Once you accept the project quote, we begin scheduling your project with our team and provide daily status updates via Quartz as well as an estimated percent of project completion, so you always know where you stand.

Unified Communication.

You can email us or call at any time, but with Quartz you can also send us any bugs, support requests, or questions via the Quartz panel so you have a full history of all our communications in one place.

Online Billing and Payments.

Track all invoices and payments and easily pay bills online.


Rapid Automation Development

Whether you have an existing system or a cobbled together set of spreadsheets, Helicon can automate your business processes with workflows that can:

Read and scrape email.

Helicon can easily read emails from a company mailbox and automatically save or route the message or attachments.

Process PDF and Docx files (OCR, data extractions, automated redaction).

If you have documents we can read them, update them, export them and much more.

Integrate legacy systems with modern cloud-based APIs.

Ready to connect your existing systems to cloud services like Google Cloud Vision or Google Sheets? We can make the process as seamless and painless as possible.

Export data to send notification emails, reports or update Google Sheets.

If you have a database, then we can connect to it and export custom reports and notifications so you can stay on top of everything happening in your enterprise.

Helicon Web

Low-code Web Application Development

Your minimum viable product could be weeks away, not months, with Helicon Web.

Rapid development of web applications.

With Helicon Web, developing many applications is a matter of configuration more than coding. This allows us to rapidly deploy custom web applications in weeks, not months.

Proprietary framework with full source code.

Helicon Web source code is included with your application so that you have full control of the future of your product.

Any platform.

Helicon Web runs on both Windows and Linux servers, so no matter what you run, Helicon can handle it.